Saturday, October 8, 2011

Justin Levens and Jeremy Williams signing autographs at Camp Pendleton

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What is Intercessory Prayer?

Intercessory prayer is not the same as prayers for yourself, or for 'enlightenment', or for spiritual gifts, or for guidance, or any personal matter, or any glittering generality. Intercession is not just praying for someone else's needs. It is praying with the real hope and real intent that God would step in and act for the good of some specific other person(s) or other entity. It is trusting that God will act, even if it's not in the manner or timing we seek. God wants us to ask, even urgently. It is casting our weakness before God's strength, and (at its best) having a bit of God's passion burn in us.

The place where intercession must start is with you. It's great to know that others may be stepping up for someone before God, but God wants you to put something of yourself on the line. Otherwise, it's too cheap to be real. Your private devotions are not just for your own benefit. If God's love is at work in you, you will care about others, and your love for them will lead you to take it to the ultimate Source of strength, healing, and love. Don't be fearful; be persistent and stubborn. God doesn't mind; God likes to see divine love at work in you. God honors your part in the relationship and so will others.

*this information was taken from:

Friends' description of Justin Leven

"Sports Idol, Dreamer, Real, a big brother...sweeatheart, Pal, Caring, True friend, Always laughing, Loyal, Selfless, Good friend, Gentle, Sweet, Fierce, Always smiling, Live fast comes to mind....Great Guy...happy to have known him, Mentor, Rock, Bestfriend, Made me laugh, Determined, Raccoon Lovin', Incredibly complex, Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Care-free, Quiet, Cool, Talented, Athletic, Humble, Great guy...&, hearts, Warrior, Hero, Genuine, Nice, Wonderful man, Tough kid in the family..."

ABOUT ME: (from Justin's former myspace as "egokiller", last login on May 26, 2008)

"history has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstiacles before they triumphed they won cause they refused to belive what others thought...a pro fighter...that takes a lot of my time. Im very dedicated to it.i dont take a lot of things serious.i find life a lot more fun an easier that. Im from the projects of philly an now live in the O.C. i dont like dealing with people with a lot of problems.i like to hang out an do about anything.i dont like loud people.i tend to freak out when people are loud.i am always looking for new ways to better my self an my life.i will listen to any advice u have for me weather i think ur a idiot or not i will still listen an try to be nice.i think im in my own world half the time. im a dreamer..with out dreams there is nothing to look forward to.i dont like things to get in the way of my dreams.nor would i like to get in the way of some one elses hopes.i dont want some one to walk in front of more do i want some one walk behind me. i want some one to walk by my side my family

Psalms 144:1 BLESSED BE THE LORD MY STRENGTH,WHITCH TEACHETH MY HANDS TO WAR,ANN MY FINGERS TO FIGHT. "I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On twenty-six occasions I have been entrusted to take the game's winning shots¦and missed. And I have failed over and over and over again my life. And that's why I succeed." Michael Jordan weither u think u can or u cant either way u are right.. it is not about ur past that makes u,but what u make ur self right now" ~Justin Levens

Justin's Prophetic Quote: (from Justin's former myspace as "egokiller", last login on May 26, 2008)

"the funny thing is when ppl see me i think they are a little intimdated by me because i have tattoos an i dont look like a nice guy. but i think i have a good heart. an i wish that i could even be a better person an learn more from ppl every day.i think there is a lot of ppl out there that have good things to offer,an ppl are shy even to help an talk to strangers(i think this comes from when ur a kid ur not supposed to talk to strangers)
i know some times i feel like an ass for not stoping to help a girl with a flat tire or even picking up a hitch hicker when its cold out.i always try to help but some times im in a hurry. an i think ppl are so wrapped up in there own lifes they never stop to think about others.i always wonder what the world would be like if ppl were just a little not honking or not yelling at some one,or again lendinding that helping hand.what would it be like if everyone smiled an really meant it all the time. if we just stopped judging everyone,an nitpicking apart ppl because they are diffrent.i will promise u all some thing i will strive every day to try to be a better person an maybe i can help just one person in my life time i would say i lived a great life......good night everyone,sweet remeber always follow ur dream life is what u make it so make it a happy place for all." ~Justin Levens

WHO I'D LIKE TO MEET: (from Justin's former myspace as "egokiller", last login on May 26, 2008)

"any one that is good people.some one i can learn from.a person that can be them self.a person that can make me smile an laugh.not a loud ass or annoying.just anyone that is all around a good happy person .."

Training as a Fighter:

Professional fighter training: Under Marcos Ruas of Raus Vale Tudor teacher (there trained w/Robert Emerson, Debi Percel, Tom Atencio & Masa)

Cross-trained at: U Extreme in Mission Viejo, Jeremy Williams Apex, Joker’s wild Fighting Academy, OC Muay Thai - Thai Boxing (Renato babalu, Erik Apple, Cab Swanson and others), No Limits (Team Oyama), CSW - Erik Paulson Team (trained with Josh Barnett)

Surface of Justin Levens' Life:

In 1987, age eight, my family moved from Philadelphia, Pa to Orange, Calif. This move included my stepfather, Frank and my mother, Chris along with my three other siblings

I was probably no different than any other kid. Like most, I sought guidance, love and the usual stuff kids want. No doubt my youth was rougher than most and I became the tough kid in the family always trying things first. Around sixteen, my home life wasn't working well and I moved in and out over the next two years . At eighteen, I finally decided enough was enough and had to turn my life around and do better in life so I venture out.

I gave the Navy a shot. Most excel in military life but a career for me wasn't in the cards. Through the years I built up plenty of aggressive energy which I learned to channel into organized fighting. I became a light heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter where I trained at Marco Raus' Vale Tudo Academy in Orange County, Calif. I fought from 2004 to 2008 crazily taking on the name "Executioner". My first fight was against Hector Carrilo in 2004 and that was my win that saw my life different. After that fight I worked hard and maintained a string of victories from two years. After my seventh win to Scott Smith, I lost in January 2006. I struggled the rest of my career, but had won two back-to-back win against Justin Hawes and Brian Warren in the fall of 2006. My last fight was scheduled for July 2008 but due to time constraints it never happened. During this time I knew I messed up when I was tested positive for oxymorphone and until Jan. 2009, was suspended from fighting and from the only thing I really knew and loved. I began to become bothered with my declining career and the thought of not being able to fight. It had been my outlet for so many years. Without work, finances started to bring me further down, but that wasn't what really hit hard. It was when my fellow-MMA fighter and friend Jeremy Williams committed suicide. It struck me as if I was pounded solid in the gut for the full rounds. On December 17, 2008 in Laguna Niguel, me and my wife, Sara were found dead with two gunshots, one to her chest, the other to my head. The police are still investigating our deaths. With no sign of struggle, no suicide note and the gun near my body they believe it was a possible murder-suicide.

*this information was based upon various published media reports.




Picture - Ever-watching is our God

Ever-watching is our God who cares for his children...



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Rip Justin Levens

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rip justin levens
「悲しみと苦痛の世界、開花して花、そして同等であること」 (ku no shaba ya sakura ga sakeba saita tote) which means: "A world of grief and pain, flowers bloom, even then..."

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Picture - Meditation